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I took time out from the finishing aspects of the full-size book I had almost ready to publish to do a small project. With three sisters in California, and a few really good friends in other parts of the country, I envisioned a little book, hand written and illustrated, that I could have printed, and sent out with lots of love and not a lot of shipping cost. Besides, I really needed to be freshly creative and set my book aside.

I spent a couple of weeks and most of my spare time happily engaged in this gift to several I loved that would be a Christmas gift. My son agreed to print them on his printing press, and I sent them out. Then turned to other things, just ten copies to give. The theme was inspirational, but with lots of fun surprises.

Well, surprise, surprise…I may have given and put them out of my mind, but within a week or two I was getting phone calls with people my sisters and friend knew who wanted to buy copies. Copies of the little gift book. Wow. Buy them? I had at least 50 or more ordered with totally no effort to sell, or even thought of that. Seems like I have been blessed with an idea that has found an eager market, lots of good praise, and with lots of ways to be used. All while I was working on “the real thing.”

Now I have the little kinks out, the work set for more copies and the copyright, and the excitement of a real surprise on my heart. What a fun and totally unexpected blessing. May that happen to you.