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It was my usual job to pick up a little boy off the bus from one school to take him to his class in our day care center.  The five year old was quiet, but since it had been a four day streak of frigid weather, (below zero to be exact) I wanted to know what fun indoor activities his morning teachers had come up with.  Lots of kidss indoors for days with no recess….

“Well, we painted with chocolate,” he said quietly.

Stop. Rewind. Huh?  I could not have heard right.  Wild mental pictures of small messy kids rubbing candy bars all over paper formed in my imagination.

“Dear, what did you do….I did not hear well?”

“We painted with chocolate,” he repeated matter-of-factly.  “You know, with chocolate pudding.”  Then he licked his lips in memory.

I practically licked my own lips at the thought of that activity.  “Did you get to eat any?”

The little boy grinned at me, “Yeah, we licked our fingers and stuff.”

Ok.  Serious fun therapy had happened there.  How amazing and totally courageous of those teacher to give four and five year olds chocolate pudding, (not even cleaner vanilla) and not worry about the results.

I had that activity confirmed by one of teachers from that school who came over later.

Come on, doesn’t it make you want to give it a try?   Yum.