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In a tense and boring, long and ordinary day, the each minute seems longer than usual day, when you glance at the clock too often and the hands are stuck on slow, when you feel like your spontaneity is somewhere else, you look for a spark!  You want the turnaround word, the breakout idea, the sudden sunshine to bend clouds, or a sweet suddenly to be an exclamation point.

On one stretchy long day like the above, the afternoon snack arrived in the preschool room where I work.  No excitement from me, because it is almost always peanut butter and celery or some crackers and a bit of cheese.  The menu said we would have little muffins and milk.  Had those before and it felt a bit ho-hum.  The kids gathered in clumps about the snack table, and we opened the pan.  How odd!  The muffins were like a large pan full of cornbread-like squares.  Okay, that was at least a stroke of unexpected.

Little plates, plastic forks, and cups were passed to all who were hungry enough to try a yellow square muffin.  I decided to taste it.  Wow.  You are kidding!!  It couldn’t be!  It was truly and genuinely Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  Disguised as a simple muffin snack. The room came alive.  Cake?  Fun.  All the adults had memories of this comfort dessert.  Conversation happened, and lively tasting and laughing.  Turnabout indeed.

Watch for the spark.  It can happen anywhere.  You can be the source, even.

Upside down turned us all right side up.