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Kevin and I had traveled on this Christmas trip for about 10 hours, had started on snowy highways and gone through Vermont to New York state, then connected to Pennsylvania for a long stretch, and now we were going to enter the Virginia, D.C. area through Maryland. It was very dark, and the highway was lined with bright signs advertising all kinds of eateries. Beacons to us, as we were hungry for real food. After a day of eating homemade lunches, nibbling on gorp and warm fruit, we entertained thought of real food, but of eating it quickly so we could finally get to the hotel.

I was trying to notice familiar fast food spots, but Kevin had a goal in mind – Chick-Fil-A. They don’t have any of those places near our home, so we have been only to a few, but once we thought of Chick-Fil-A, there was no turning back. We let our eyes go on a quest for the familiar sign… when we saw one, we had to hunt for it in an off highway spot, but it found us.

From the very first approach we made, in the front door, we were greeted by smiling, outgoing customers who held the door open for us. Ahhh. The big open room we entered had a very homey and playful atmosphere, and even though it was after 7 pm, there were a lot of families at the tables, talking quietly. Soft, but cheerful music was in the air, and the order counter was hosted with a lot of friendly smiling young people, who got our food quickly while finding out where we were from. We joked that we might have come the farthest that day, but one of the clerks suggested that the fellow from Texas might have “won”.

I ordered a chicken wrap, and I never had such a complete and huge wrap. Lovely. It was so good I ate it all even though I might have usually eaten half. I enjoyed the joke of Chick-Fil-A…cows with signs reminding you to eat more chicken. When we left it felt like we had eaten at home, and loved the atmosphere. I still smile when I think of our Maryland dinner on the day before Christmas eve. Thanks, Chick-Fil-A for the experience.