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On our Christmas journey from Vermont to Virginia to New Jersey to visit family, Kevin and I were so engaged in the visiting and the getting there, that we missed a recurring detail at first.  Actually, at about the 8th time we noticed it: the crossovers.  You know, the times you pass over a state line.  Welcome to New York, to Virginia, to Maryland, to Pennsylvania, to D.C., back and forth and in and out.  When I noticed it, was when the Willkommen to Pennsylvania sign showed up on the way to New Jersey.

Suddenly, I felt welcome in these states, not just going back and forth as a motorist.  All our days and lives we cross over from one day to another, from one season to another, or even from certain times of our lives, like graduation, for example.  Sometimes we mark those special crossings, or days with celebrations and ceremonies, and more often, with no notice at all.  But we as people are milestone and threshold markers by nature.

So as Kevin and I crossed into New Jersey and drove a few miles, we passed over a rough and patched up piece of highway, which I commented upon.  Turns out, that mile of highway is historic, a real mile of concrete road that will remain concrete. A part of the first concrete highway in NJ, built with cement from Thomas A. Edison’s concrete factory in 1912, and preserved to mark that crossover. Cool.

We are all about to cross over into another year, and we all will mark it in some way, even if just to have to write 13 at the end of our date.  As we pass over this threshold, have a good, safe, pleasant journey, feeling welcome in this new year of beginnings, noticing the markers, signs and blessings.