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There Kevin and I were, in the Christian school auditorium-gym, squeezed in with families ready to participate in the conclusion of a festive and lively performance of the Christmas Nativity. Babies were fussing or squirming, parent cameras were flashing, and the cookies for refreshments smelled inviting, when, suddenly – all the lights went out.

“Uh-oh”, rang out a small child’s voice in the silence of surprise.

Then, parent amused laughter softly filled the room, followed by the ooohs of wonder and the sparkle reflections in the eyes of babies, as the little candles we all held were lit individually all around the dark room.

Immediately I knew the “uh-oh” was a message. The ancient world was in a black darkness of sin, fear and pain, until the dark sky over Bethlehem was lit with a star, with the glory of a huge host of angles, and the real Light was born. The inextinguishable Light sent from God.

We still have darkness and sin and fear, and it does seem to be increasing, and filling hearts, and the news. But in Heaven there is no “Uh-Oh”, but glorious celebration because Jesus is not a one-time light, but the glory of God that arises in the dark hearts and in dark places as people welcome Him into their hearts, and their lives. In the Bible God said darkness would be dense, but that “the Lord shall arise upon you and His Glory shall be seen on you.” (Isaiah 60: 2)

Good News to your “Uh-Oh’s”! God Himself is Light and He cannot fail.

The Gift of Christmas is truly Forever!