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Recently, our phone contracts were up to be renewed, so my husband and I began to look around to see what new phones we could choose from. I longed to find a prettier and somewhat upgraded version of what I already had…..a nice cell that was not “smart”.  With me, a little technology goes a long way. My techie husband was already proficient with his smart phone and was going that way again. I am the one that finally got a cell phone  few years ago when we decided to drop our land line. How fondly I remember my struggle to learn all I needed to know to use my first cell phone, often getting frustrated with it and botching calls. Then my daughter mentioned texting my kids…and I retreated into simplicity.  “Mom,” that same daughter insisted on one phone call, “if you want to talk to your kids, you need to learn to text.” Good incentive. It was fun.

Enter the pending arrival of the smart phones we ordered at a great deal, and I was getting very nostalgic about my old cell. Even though it had a short battery life and all, I was going to miss its’ simplicity. And my darling leather carrying case would not fit the new one. Was I going to learn this new technology when it came? Was life going to change?

Life changed! I was fumble fingers all over again, and on my first day the thought of getting a call and probably disconnecting it was distressing. I think I personally invented new dumb things you could botch up on it. Thankfully, my husband is a great and patient tutor. I no longer wonder what got into me when we ordered one for me. I still get a bit tense when I hold it in my hand and try a new thing on it…..but it has not exploded or run away from me, and my husband is still patient with me. I am climbing the technology hill a few steps at a time. Just thought I would share my journey with you.