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I went into the post office to get some Christmas stamps. A few varieties of the holiday ones were arrayed before me, and I settled quickly on the intense sunset scene of Mary and Joseph headed to Bethlehem, with the star above them. Nicely done and poignant.  As I was paying for my stamps, the postal clerk got into a conversation about how the rate for stamps is going up in January, so I might think about stocking up on the forever stamps. The ones I had just purchased were forever ones.  Hmmmm. I decided to think on it more decisively when a wave of extra funds came in, and left.

It hit me in the parking lot. Wow. The Nativity Christmas stamps are forever stamps.  I could tell the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ on my letters for as long as I wanted to, with no cost hike, because…Christmas is forever. A sermon in a tiny stamp.  Because Jesus is the reason for Christmas…the birth of One who came to Earth to save those who believe in Him, for a life with Him forever, the message of this stamp goes well beyond the holiday. It made me want to skip and certainly to tell you about it. A story stamp full of truth.  Cool. I went and got some more.