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Two blog entries ago I wrote about the explosion of reusable bags in my overstuffed closet….my surprise at the quantity and my tentative resolve to curb my collection.  Enough is probably enough – until our Thanksgiving trip to New York State to see our kids.  They requested we stop by a grocery store on the way to their house and it was there, that my eyes fastened upon…beheld, and totally noticed the store’s bright and cute new holiday bags hanging together on hooks; all snowy blue with jaunty rows of snowmen on the bottom, and cute fabric handles.

Okay. So my blog said that I probably had enough bags for a lifetime.  Possibly a true fact, but my festive and almost Christmas time self walked out of that store with a light blue souvenir on my happy arm.  I did put the grocery item we bought in it, so it was needed.  And it is my first holiday bag…and to my credit and defense I only bought one.  You would have bought one, too.

Addendum to the blog-ette – writing about my bags and sharing my story with you caused me to remember to take a handful of my bags to the supermarket tonight.  Thank you.