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It was so cute – the vinyl reusable bag that caught my eye in the department store. Really nicely patterned, and only a dollar. Really nice, and, of course, practical. So I adopted it as my own and took it home. Where to store it…hum? The front closet was small and packed tight, but the best place, so I reached in and pulled out a bag full of bags – and pow! Bag explosion! My tidy little collection of cute vinyl reusable bags was all over the floor in front of me and not so small after all. Oh dear. How could I have garnered so MANY of these without realizing it?

After getting over astonishment and a bit of embarrassment over having a pile of these colorful bags, I rationalized that I certainly couldn’t be the only enthusiast out there and I asked around to see if others had vinyl in overdrive. I found out that it is a pleasant epidemic of sorts. And a lot of us have the same nagging quirk, too – we forget to take them with us when we go grocery shopping. Not all of us do, but a lot.

Here is the usual scene: I enter the grocery store with my purse and my list and often with my husband, and we shop about and get all we listed and other things besides, of course. Then feeling ready to battle at the checkout we find a decent line. On convenient hooks by the checkout counters hang more of the latest editions of the store bags….and suddenly we are reminded. WE FORGOT OUR REUSABLE BAGS. Again. We meant well, after all, as I had chosen several to bring along. They still sat waiting for us on the sofa. The checker politely asks us, “Do you have any bags?” Our heads hang a bit. We know the drill, but no. Oops is all over our faces. We could buy some there to pack up in, but we already have a lifetime worth at home, all neat and waiting. We buy groceries, we load our cart, and we head out of the store…wait! That is a great reusable bag over there on that lady’s arm! I could find out and get one…