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So, there I was on my job, at the playground with several preschool kids, and it was afternoon recess. It was the tail end of a long and complex day dealing with, and caring for 3 and 4 year olds. Eagerly I sought out the time on my new watch, hoping it would tell me it was my time to leave. No such revelation. According to my brand new, accurate, glitzy watch I still had fifteen minutes of work left.

Sigh.  Inward groan of disappointment growing – but just before I could release that sigh, a Real Knowing landed upon me from God. I know what those are like.  It stopped me right in the middle of pushing a child on her swing!  Whoa, and wow.  He told me to be fully in the moment. To own that fifteen minutes in a more powerful and thankful way.

I began to be aware of my surroundings more clearly. To notice that the rain clouds and gloom of the day had parted to reveal a warm and inviting sunshine.  To see how invitingly the clouds drifted by, and to hear the tiny birds singing like little children above me. A small child needed me to push her swing with enjoyment. Who knew when it would be like this again? I cannot stop earthly time from passing on my watch, but each moment is pressing forward, and if I did not frame each experience by my notice, I would miss it forever.

Do I have the next hour figured out? Why do I spend so many “nows” planning how to get to a new time? What will I miss if I am not focused on where I am and what I am doing? I do not want a day full of moments that I can’t remember.  Actually, it is a high form of praise to enjoy the place we are and time we are experiencing. I want to get better at catching myself wishing I was somewhere else, and truly live.

“So teach us to number our days that we may get us a heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12