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A couple of days ago, just before “Sandy”, I looked for something normal to do, and made an apple pie.  It was consoling, gratifying and practical, (we could eat it).  It was an action that caught a bit of calm before a terrible coming storm. We actually have some pie left.

But pies don’t minimize bad storms.  It is strange to have a disaster that is not sudden, but approaching.  You wrestle with a lot of emotions and plans as you wait. Memories of going through Hurricane Irene last year seemed to freshen. It seemed to heighten our prayer to the level of forefront, too.

So last night “It” came to Vermont, rain slashed at our windows, and wind howled off and on, and we sent phone texts to our family all over, mostly in the path of the storm, and prayed some more, and were thankful that we never lost electricity. Our hearts went out very tenderly to so many who were undergoing much worse storm problems than we were.  It almost felt like the whole country was family.

Before we went to bed we discovered that there was a leak from the roof in the attic above our heads.  Oh dear, and it was so late. Rushing up the steep stairs, we cut black garbage bags up in semi-darkness to cover damp areas, and moved boxes around to bring containers under the leak. And prayed the rain would slow down. Close call!

So, as we all dig out, dry up, rebuild and help our neighbors in the days ahead I send blessings to all who endured Sandy. God bless you with resources, courage, good relations and friends and a brighter year’s end.