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We are busy getting ready for Hurricane Sandy to possibly come to Vermont. Last year’s Hurricane Irene taught us a lot of things about nasty storms, and we knew to go get the batteries, water, toilet paper, non-perishable goods. Join the crowds at the stores doing the same collecting. Rummage around trying to fine that cool flashlight, and ponder where we put all those candles, and look for the windup radio. We totally do not want this hurricane to come, but watching all the weather channel information is compelling.

How can a hurricane named “Sandy” be such a huge threat? Whew!

So now the waiting happens. I called all the family we have scattered in various states along the path of the storm, took a sigh of relief that my job is not open tomorrow in honor of it, prayed a lot for protection, and figured out where to put the cars so the trees on the street won’t have targets. I decided to do something creative. I made a crumble top apple pie.  It felt like a normal, good, right thing to do.  There it sits on the counter in its rich, warm, cinnamon scented wonder, with a couple of huge slices missing, of course.

A smile generator, a mouth-waterer, and so very not hurricane.  It should last a couple of days, and remind us of the sunny, warm Saturday when we went to the farmer’s market to get the apples. God bless Vermont.

Note from Husband the Tech Guy: It tasted even better than the picture looked!