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Oh, to be a playful, loving, spoil your grandkids Grandma. Or a Nonna, or a LaLa, or a Grandmere. Oh, to be a bit mixed up because you get to be three names for the part. It all began innocently enough with the birth of my first granddaughter, a little more than six years ago.  An excellent and momentous event, of course and I got to choose what she would call me.  As a rather young grandma, I tried a lot of names on in my mind, and finally settled on Mimi. It had a perky sound to it and I knew a couple of friends who were using that grandparent name. Besides, it was easy to say and I hoped the baby would get used to it quick.

Enter the time of the birth of the first child in my next child’s life, and they really wanted me to be called Nana for her. Okay. Well, it could work because the Mimi would be used many states away, and would not often come visit in the same place that I would be the Nana. I would only get a bit turned about when one of the little ones would talk to me on the phone and I would have to remember quick who I was. Then enter another scene, with another family among our six sets of married kids, and that little one began to call me Gamma.  I love it.  I have three names for my wonderful role, so far, and it is really fun conversation.  It will be really interesting to be around when all the families converge in one place, Mimi-Nana-Gamma, will have a time then, for sure..