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Have pen, or pens, and I am ready to travel yet again.  If you have read my past blogs you will know that I just returned from a rather sudden trip out to California to see my 84 year old mother, who was in the hospital with heart issues.  I flew across the country with you and just got back.  Now, my second daughter is about to have her third baby, and this Grandmother is going by train from Vermont to Virginia.  My pen is getting happy about the trip.  I get to watch my other grandchildren  and help out for a week  The daughter having the baby has a five year old and a three year old, and the other daughter with kids has an almost three year old and a one year old.  My third daughter lives in the same area and meeting with her will be a lot of pleasure.

I have thus introduced my coming adventure, and it always is just that when you know that God goes with you. There is a lot of known purpose in this voyage, and a lot of yet to be discovered times, as well.  On my all day train trip I will get to pass through many cities in the East, and enjoy it all out my window.  Lovely America, beautiful scenes and so much variety for a Vermont based girl.  I can’t wait to appreciate and bless my path as I go, and I even get to go through Washington, D.C. on the way home.  You are welcome to come along.