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POP! Eyes awake! Ugh, still on Eastern Standard Time- wow- even when I am out west.  Wide awake at 4;30 A.M.  Guess it is a good thing, because my husband and I pray each other off to work early, so I will catch him on the phone. I am a woman of all times zones, indeed.

Early is very sweet here in Southern California….my very first morning.  Outside the glass bedroom door I can see the city below in the valley, awake already and full of traffic far away in the mountain road and the lights of the town at the foot of the hill are still on. Very serene and actually looking a lot like it looked late last night.

Since I came in so late in the evening, my Mom, still recovering from a hospital visit recently, was asleep. Even now she is sleeping and I am up, tiptoeing about exploring her very familiar home.  I need to re-flood my memory with this place. There is my favorite antique apothecary chest in the hall, the one I used to play with as a little girl. The same handmade rugs in the hall, and the beautiful clothes tree with the old hats perched on the knobs.

I pass by the old leather Bible my Father used to read before he went to Heaven. It finds its way into my eager hand and I settle happily in Dad’s comfy reading chair, to study like he used to. As I explore the pages of his Bible, I am amused and delighted to find we share another habit……stuffing the inside cover pages with slips of notes and important papers.  It is hard for writers to let any of their writing go, for sure. Here I will linger and read and remember, until I hear my sweet Mom awake down the hall.