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Here I am, reporting in over the East somewhere….left JFK airport about half an hour ago… on my way to California, like I promised, taking you all along. We are at more than 32,000 feet, and I am cheering inside from gratitude. A huge weather front just finished slamming into Washington, D.C. with dark clouds headed for my airport….and our flight was delayed by our aircraft being delayed before we got on. Then when we finally did board, all 150 of us, it was announced to us that we had to await 17 aircraft ahead of us on the runway. Wow. I got a bit anxious to beat the storm…as it was reported to be packing 70 mile an hour winds. Hurry, Hurry. I felt like I was living in one constant prayer….Please let us get going. I needed to get to see my sick Mom and being delayed would be hard. Praise God we lifted off, late but upward, and I learned half an hour later that all the major airports of New York City were closed. Wow…

So my pen is writing across our beautiful country, and in 5 hours we will land in sultry Los Angeles. I long to see my country’s varying landscape below, as we fly, but nothing but thick clouds lay below our wings. I must feel America beneath me, as I think and write from coast to coast.

You thought the take off was a suddenly, and amazing…well, the landing process was amazing. For one hour I watched out the window as we were treated to a continuous unfurling of a spectacular widescreen sunset. Blackening earth below, and a deep but blazing orange swath of color following us, until, finally having outdone itself for us, it settled down in the mountainous horizon and pulled clouds over itself.  As I settled back in my seat to endure the gathering darkness for the hour left of flight, we rounded a corner, so to speak, and there was the Boom, Pow, Blaze…the grand finale

Both sides of the plane were treated to a stunning display of pirate booty. A rich carpet of sparkling jewels splashed recklessly over the black carpet below…the 45 minute long entry into the city of Los Angeles. Rich coppery, shiny silvery and stunning goldish lights radiated civilization below. I have landed at night here before, but never so splendidly. Our aircraft was flying low enough to give us a window filling view, and you could not help but look. I am bedazzled like a child. Extreme bling. Lights unbroken and quivering with the life of the millions of people below, bold and lively and shimmering. Unforgettable, and quite like I am welcomed into California by a parade!