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Want to go on a trip with me?  We will travel from coast to coast…kind of.   Vermont to California.  We will leave Vermont from Burlington, Vt. early in the morning, fly to JFK airport, wait around until the flight leaves in the afternoon, fly across the country to California, and then meet my brother and his wife and drive north for about an hour to my Mother’s home.  I bet you thought I would be writing about an exciting adventure to Palm Springs or San Diego?   Not this time.  But it will be a great adventure anyway.  I need to visit my mother, because recently she gave myself and my three siblings and her 17 grandchildren a big scare.  While life was going on as normal … she was found to have congestive heart failure and had a hospital time.  Home now, she is contemplating her next decisions about her health, and I am going to be with her.

So many things I need to do seem unimportant now.  I have a Mother to laugh with and help and hug and collect memories from.  If you hang around me, you might hear a few funny ones and for sure, you will enjoy the lovely state we are going to briefly.

This is an invitation to share the journey………more to come