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My head was fairly swimming with ideas and it was frustrating because there were so many I felt I would lose them.  How could I give attention to ten book and story ideas at the same time, and work, and clean house ..?   Most artists and writers I have talked to can get inspired by a phrase heard in passing, or a scene we passed … oh how we framed that scene and want to paint it.  Oh how we want to fill out that idea we heard into a great article.  But we are driving and can’t find a pen to write it down, or a camera to take that great shot.

I still remember passing by a house one day, in the corner of a wide field, right after a rain had passed.  There it perched, totally unaware tat a perfect rainbow ended right on their roof … actually looked like it touched that house.  No camera.   But it is in my memory forever, and I can share that time with you, even if I can’t send the photo into a magazine.

Being frustrated, I decided to get practical during this flow of creativity time in my life, and I bought a simple recipe file box, and a cheap set of little index cards….each idea has its own card, write it down, a few particulars, then file it away to use when I need a good idea. My box is getting nicely fuller.  Excellent.

Then there is the attack idea right when you put your head down on your pillow at night.  You are sooooo tired.  Hard day … yay, sleep.  Nay… idea time.   Better have a pen and paper handy, because as much as you convince your sleepy self that you will CERTAINLY remember that great idea in the morning.  Trust me, you won’t.  That lovely creative thought just floated across the garden of your brain…..don’t let it get away!

Happy capturing!