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I love words and the containers they come in.  Especially books.  Do you love and collect special books that caught lovely themes and pictures and captured you in their pages?   When I was growing up, I loved reading so much I would wait until my Mom said goodnight, and turned out my bedroom lights, then I would dig my book out from under my pillow and read it by the hall light from the end of my bed.

My love of well-written  children’s books, and old ones that libraries like to sell for a quarter, has grown a bit out of hand.  I have at least four book shelves full of them, but they are well picked and special. Cute covers, adorable illustrations from the fifties, antiques with chips off their faded paper covers, and whimsical stories that they do not write any more.  Really a collection of the beauty of expressing thoughts and stories in bygone times.  The more I think about it the more noble it all is.  I am, like my Dad, a book rescuer.   When those library book sales are announced, I try to make some of them, because the old is really being phased in honor of the new glitzy books…and I have grandchildren who may not hear these precious stories if I don’t grab them out of  the discard box….or purchase them for posterity.  My Dad rescued Bibles sometimes from antique stores and gave them to people, because, as he said to me, “God’s Word is precious and should not collect dust on a shelf.”

Anyway, every once in a while, I pause from my day and grab a couple of these time loved old children’s books and adventure into them, charmed again by the way the author and illustrators left something to your own imagination….

Come on … don’t you just love it in Danny and the Dinosaur (by Sid Hoff), Danny the Dinosaurwhen a museum dinosaur had spent the day in the world with little Danny, and just before he went back on a display set he said to his little friend “That was the best time I have had in 100 million years?”