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Huh?    Nextember……my word check wants me to check spelling.  But it is a real word spoken to me by a second grader, at the close of summer vacation.  “It’s almost Nextember!” he informed with real excitement, and body jiggling in anticipation.

No more clarification about what this mysterious time was came from my little announcer.   Some very excellent realities like Nextember are best left undefined.  Cool words like that make me think more and search out myself what I think they might mean….hum…How can I use that word?  What could it mean?

In the last few days of my own very brief summer vacation, I was caught up often in the frustration of trying to hold onto and lengthen my precious “free” hours .  To calendar focused adults, like myself, each hour has a place on the clock, each day a name, each month a title, etc.  I pondered time and how each day has exactly the same number of minutes, but some days end too soon and some seem never to end.  All of us certainly know there is “one more day till the weekend” time and “how many more hours do I have to be here?” time.

In reality, there is no sure promise for the weekend, or chance to do yesterday over.  Each moment is the only one we are truly in.  Each day is precious.  In Psalm 90:12 it says to God , “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

I surely want that…..and I want to be grateful for time right now when it is dragging by, or times when I can’t stop it from racing by.   Actually, I want to face time with the whimsical joy of a child who is looking forward to life.  After all, it is almost Nextember.