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It all happened so fast – indeed. Less than a week ago it was regular me, typing manuscript changes on my laptop, and writing by hand in a lot of notebooks. I was safe and grounded in the known, with my main foray into the reaches of technology having been my necessary entry into the world of texting.

“Mom, if you want to talk more to your kids, you need to learn to text.”  Forewarned by a daughter, I took the plunge and in a surprisingly short time I was communicating with my children by the tiny typewriter on my tiny cell phone. I was cool. That was enough.

Then a writer I admire, who is actually published, recommended I write a blog.  I did not even like doing facebook …write a blog?  (What exactly was that anyway?)   For about a half an hour I tried to dismiss it as not for me, but my ever busy and creative brain grabbed a hold of it, and in a couple of hours it had already rushed ahead of me and I  had written my first entry and designed my header thingie. My techie husband rushed to get it ready for me…whew  I had in mind a picture of a bunch of people pushing an ever-increasing huge snowball up a steep hill … slowly, slower … until … push and it came plunging down the hill, gaining speed … exhilarated and a bit scared.

You all, who read my bloggings, are some of those hands pushing me to a place I couldn’t fathom, and watching me rush to a new speed … full and freer … thanks.