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Follow a growing trail of cute notebooks, piles of lined paper sometimes in folders….sticky notes on books and unfinished writings on my toile clipboard…past the reminder notes on the refrigerator…..and come to my wooden kitchen table upstairs in a Victorian house in Vermont.   You will probably notice at least two coffee mugs stuffed full of pens of many colors before you can see out my white curtains, and be encouraged to write, too.

I have various books partially begun, one I want to gear up to publish sooner rather than later, letters to a lot of people, journals full of ideas and doodles about the ideas, and a garbage can full of scrapped tries.    Why don’t I just write at my laptop?  I get the finished copy out on that, but I can’t write with a screen looking accusingly at me.   Maybe you can.   But ideas hit me everywhere but the computer, and I write on pretty much anything that has a surface.   Even envelopes that housed bills are not exempt.  I have tried to change and be totally organized….but that won’t happen….writing and doodling and drawing are in my blood.  I am sure many of you can identify with that.

So I would like to introduce myself….a Georgia girl, raised in Ohio, Connecticut, etc., and reset in California as a high school senior.  That was a radical move, coast to coast, but fun for a teen.  Actually, when I was living in Ohio I wrote my first novel…..in third grade, in a 3 ring binder, on lined paper, in pencil and handed the whole thing to my rather aghast teacher, all 100 pages.  Who knows what became of it, but in that novel I was a girl going west to California on a wagon train, and I enjoyed the journey .Funny how I really did move out west, (not on a wagon train) after all.

Writing is kind of like pioneering…forging ahead into new frontiers with your ideas and dreams wrapped in your own personality.  Like on a wagon train, it is fun to take others along for the journey.  I invite you to get to know me and read some of my stuff, and I want to hear about your writing adventures and struggles.

I will be brief about the who I am part, even though there are many years, some, a husband and four wonderful kids in California. A move to Vermont after the loss of the youngest child, then a new baby in Vermont, and a lot of life lived, a marriage that unfortunately ended, more years, a fabulous new husband, who is also my tech life line, two wonderful step children, and a growing collection of cute little grandbabies.  Children are important to so much of my life, and keep me spry and tuned to their literature.  I teach and have taught many years as a para-educator in primary schools, and preschools, and so much comes from listening to the sparkle and wit of little children.  Truly, “of such is the Kingdom of Heaven,” as Jesus said.

I am sitting here typing, and I already have another idea……thank you for inspiring me.