Ummm, Hard Day


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It started out as a fine day, with great outdoor temps and a sunny morning time with God and my Bible, then a few errands out in town. I came back happy to have found some good gifts to take to family, and to have a chance to get a lot of projects done.

Then there came a difficult message from someone I knew well, from out of town, and it made me anxious all day. I tried to solve their problem in my mind as I went about doing my jobs, but I just got more worried. I talked with a nearby Christian friend got to hear about this dilemma, but even when we prayed about it together, I couldn’t let go for a while.

“I want you to have peace about this,” I felt the Lord was telling me. “Trust Me that it is not like it seems.” While I chopped the dinner salad and thought about it all over again, I realized I needed to ask God to forgive me for my anxious attitude. “And then forgive yourself,” I heard Him prompt in my spirit. “Now it is all just as if it never happened.”

Peace did come in that heart doorway, and I thanked the Lord happily.
“God is good, and His mercies endure forever.”

The persons’ dilemma?… really was not as bad as it seemed. Thank You, Lord.

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