Unexpected Re-Uniting


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I am up early to be with you, Father God, to be full of wonder, out loud, at the tender surprises You planned for me and Kevin. Coming to the unexpected funeral of my dear uncle had to be planned quickly, and we needed to fly almost halfway across the country. So much to plan in an unfamiliar place. To reunite with great cousins I had not seen for so very long, to get places to stay, so we could really get to know this awesome side of my family better as adults…And You, Lord, knew one cousin and his wife would give us a great place to visit and soak in love and blessings; lending us their townhouse by the lake to relax in.

I love the way the sunshine flickers on the lake through the stately southern trees, onto IMG_20180428_171828753_HDR.jpgthe peaceful water’s surface. So inviting. You opened the doors in this lovely land of my ancestors to return and soak in the re-connections and recollections with living relatives. Re-bonding with pictures, and stories, memories of my dear uncle and aunt whose stories still help tie our generations together. I love the people and soil and stories that are the stuff of roots and wings. Surely I have a delightful heritage!

My sweet earthly inheritance points me to Ephesians 3:19…”that I may really come to know practically, through experience, that I may be filled unto all the fullness of God, and may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body filled and flooded with God Himself.” What a great forever inheritance!