A Table In the Wilderness (Sort of)


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IMG_20171206_153730157 copyWhile pushing my wheelbarrow about our lawn, clearing up lots of tree debris from winds, I was stopped by a curious sight on the side yard. Getting a closer look was necessary to know what I was seeing. Two tree stumps were so covered by black chippy things, that looked like they were burned. What was this? On close investigation, I realized that the stumps were heaped upon by a piles of black walnut hulls. Very nicely heaped, I might add. Squirrels! They had been shopping for walnut dinner on our yard, and had eaten their foraged meals on the stumps, rather like little tables. I pictured them chomping away, perched on their broken shells, neatly disposing of the hulls.

The scene reminded me of the little gray squirrel I had found on my large sitting rock the fall before. He had taken over with his walnut feast, like he owned the place. As I observed this sight on my lawn, I heard softly in my spirit, “I provide a table in the wilderness.” That caught me by surprise, because I know He does that for people, but had never read squirrels into that verse from the Bible. “can God furnish the food for a table in the wilderness…?” (Psalm 78:19b)

It seemed very sweet and poignant, and picturesque to be reminded of His tender care, right on my lawn. So, I took a photo of the closest stump so share with you, so it will encourage you to count on the God of the universe to provide for you as well. I do not recommend black walnuts, however.