A Winter for all


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IMG_20180117_122438666The weather has been off and on since before Christmas – so snowy, and so cold, that I really want to go outside, but not for long! Seems like I am glued to the weather channel in the morning, hoping to see better news. Even though I concentrate on the local Southern Vermont weather, I have been a witness of the hard impacts of the last two winter storms on other parts of my country. Mudslides, and ice in places that it shouldn’t be in, and trucks jackknifed on highways, frozen pipes and hard-hit airports, and no electricity in so many areas.

While wondering about the scope of the hard winter, I sensed the gentle whisper of God giving me an amazing truth that stopped me in wonder. What was it? That the news was relating the real struggle of my fellow Americans all across our country, and my response was right to pray for them, and to feel their hard time. The plight of so many was a great deal harder than mine. Perspective.

Oh Father God, bless America, hasten the hardships of winter to pass, and help the helpless. Thank You, thank You for reminding me that compassion is so close to Your heart!