A Question I Want To Say Yes To.


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I sat with my coffee early in the morning, and read a statement in an old devotional, “are you living your life moments as if they are a part of eternity?”

That stopped me.

Am I? Maybe the powerful, important occasions are viewed by me that way, but the everyday ones?

img_20180117_122410084.jpgActually, I think I usually look forward to a plan fulfilled for that day, but the rest of the things I do often seem to be just steps contributing to the ‘plan’. Now, I do seek time with the Lord during the day, and ask Him questions, and enjoy good surprises, but every moment is eternal … wow.

As I consider this question, I know it was not asked to bring guilt or set a plumb line to answer to. Not at all. Instead, it became a bright light turned on to highlight the fact that I am, all of us are, eternal beings and each moment is an unrepeatable gem. God is really present all the time, and I want to live life more consciously and fully. I pray that for you, too. Live well.