Leaving Time Behind


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I knew a great lady, quite confident in her knowledge of being loved, who loved to sit in her daughter’s kitchen. There she would get to taste that daughters fine cooking, and greet all who popped in to visit. Often I was one of those visitors, and instantly became the object of her friendly questions. “Who are you? Do you have any children?” These two queries were always included, with a waiting smile. Even though I lived in the apartment upstairs, I was new and interesting each time she saw me. Her interest was so genuine and childlike.

A bit of time moved on and my husband and I left the apartment and moved to an adjoining town, we still asked about this lovely flower of a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother who was so unforgettable. One day, very recently, she moved her address to Heaven. Not quite 90, she left her struggles behind and moved up to her reward.

The news made me pray a lot for her sweet family she left behind. I don’t know about you, but when someone I know dies, I seem to spend a lot of thinking time assessing my own life, counting my years, and hoping I have used my time here on earth well. Will I leave a family behind that considers me irreplaceable, and helpful in their lives? What will they say of me at my memorial services?

This is fresh in my mind, as the family of this great lady I knew gave her considerable love and respect at her services today.