Incoming Dream


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Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash
If you have a special dream that God has been developing in you, and it’s been on your heart horizon for years or even decades – and it still has not sailed in and dropped its anchor – well, I am here to tell you to keep on talking to God about it.

Yes, keep your hopes ready. Keep in conversation with yourself, keep praying and watch that horizon. Why am I encouraging you in this? Because decades ago an 8 year old girl wrote a l00 page book (in pencil on lined paper), when her teacher assigned the class to write a story on a long weekend. This little girl turned her blockbuster story in to a surprised teacher. You guessed. Yes, this child was me. I envisioned myself as an author even way back then. I wanted to write real books that were published by a real publisher with a hard cover enfolded in a lovely paper cover, with my name on it.

So what happened? Through the ensuing decades, this girl wrote other books, submitted them to publishing companies, kept the rejection slips, went on went on with her life, working at elementary schools, raising children, being the president of a small art gallery, preaching sermons, and yes, sharing her life experiences by pen.

Finally, the “ship” came into dock! A real project editor from a reputable publishing company, just called me about the stage my new manuscript has reached in the process of being published! Why did this take so long? Why so many, many years before a dream was realized? I do not know. But the Captain of the “Book Ship” chose the book, the company, and the timing.

All I can say is, keep looking on the horizon for the dream God has placed in you to come in. Why, even as I am writing this, I realized this suddenly, that the very cover photo I chose for my book depicts a person waiting for a promise, a dream, a hope to be fulfilled. Wow. Stay in it for the long season. God is a dream fulfiller. Doing His way is worth the wait. The name of the book God authored with me is called The Day Before We Became Rich.