Pumpkin Nudges


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It seemed rather early in the season, but my pumpkin alert button had been pushed by a farm stand loaded with several varieties! Oooooh. I am a specialized unusual pumpkin collector. While driving home from a church several towns away from home, my pumpkin curiosity began quivering. I just wanted to stop and look. She what was around. My hunt was for the orange sherbet looking ones with the crunchy bumps all over them. Oh, and the pale blue ones, and the funky orange ones with the green jagged stripes…..any heirloom variety.

Pumpkins give variety, color to my porch, pleasure to my funky pumpkin loving heart and, eventually, squash pulp for pies. Yum. These are twice-giving vegetables. Ohhhh, I must go – another promising farm stand is coming up. Happy hunting for you, too.